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Welcome to the China Clay History Society

Archive comprising a large number of accounting ledgers and minute books; over 400 document boxes containing material dating back to the 19th century; some 2,000 maps and aerial photographs; technical drawings; cine films, videos and DVDs, and over 100,000 photographs.

Walks, talks and film shows organised

Membership of the Society costs just 10 per year - includes three newsletters


We have been made aware that a number of members have been charged additional postage on receipt of the recent China Clay History Society newsletter.

Firstly, we are extremely sorry if you were affected by this.  It transpires that a misunderstanding occurred at the Post Office, but you have our assurance that we are now very aware of the potential room for error and will be able to ensure this does not happen again.  In the meantime, if you have been charged an additional amount, please could you email or contact Wheal Martyn on 01726 850362 with your details and the amount you were charged and we will happily organise a cheque to refund you.

We are conscious that not all members are on email or online, so will be making a wider apology when we next send a mail out to members, however if you happen to know a member who has not seen this message please do pass on our apologies and advise them how to go about receiving their refund.

Once again I am very sorry for any inconvenience but do hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Colin Vallance

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